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Part 2 – The Years of Wisdom

Be a Wise Woman and Speak Up for Your Health!

As we get older, we become more confident in our personal choices, and we become more committed to listening to our inner guide. As Wise Women, we have the ability to advocate for our own health. While conventional medicine benefits millions of people, Cannabis and CBD have many deeply therapeutic properties that may be beneficial for women going through the menopause transition period.

Cannabinoids May Help With These 10 Menopausal Symptoms:

  • Many of the unpleasant side effects of menopause can be attributed to oestrogen levels. Recent research has sought to determine whether microdosing THC has an estrogen-boosting effect. More research is needed, but many women find relief from cannabis strains with higher CBD to THC ratios. 
  • When symptoms are severe, small doses of THC may help regulate body temperature. A few small draws on a cannabis vape pen are a discreet way to manage the onset of hot flashes.
  • THC and CBD have been shown to help with emotional imbalance and depression.
  • In menopausal women, the risk of bone loss is real. Interestingly, CBD may become the first line of defence in the treatment of bone loss.
  • Anxiety is a common complaint among women in this stage of life. Incorporating CBD into one’s daily routine may help to alleviate anxious thoughts. CBD appears to have a positive effect on anxiety management, according to research. Tinctures, capsules, edibles, and even CBD craft cannabis can be used throughout the day to control stress without intoxicating effects.
  • In the early stages of menopause, skin and hair changes appear. Skin irritation, rosacea, dryness, brittle nails, and hair loss may worsen. CBD taken on a daily basis may help to balance these symptoms. Topically applied CBD may stimulate, balance, and normalise oil production and skin cell function.
  • Hormone-induced weight gain can be managed with THCV, a cannabis compound. THCV has been known to help curb cravings!
  • Menopausal women may struggle with sexual intimacy. Many women experience both a decrease in libido and vaginal dryness. You can take various products that can be used just around 15 minutes before sex to enhance the effect. Cannabis can be an effective aphrodisiac. For heightened sensual enjoyment, look for strains that are felt more deeply in the body, such as indices, and strains that contain CBD.
  • Due to hormonal fluctuations, headaches are common during menopause. Many women find it helpful to use CBD and/or THC at the first sign of a headache.

How to select the best CBD product for menopause?

Customers face a minefield when it comes to selecting a good CBD product, and it’s all too easy to make a mistake. However, armed with even a basic amount of information, you can assist in navigating your way to a great CBD product.

Some helpful hints for purchasing a CBD product:

  • Make sure to purchase organic hemp.
  • Look for a product that covers the entire spectrum.
  • Check for clean ingredients and avoid ‘flavorings.’
  • To overcome inflammation, search for the cannabinoid CBD, an acid precursor to CBD.
  • To address sleep issues, look for calming terpenes such as myrcene or beta-Caryophyllene.