Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy website is one of those websites which considers it necessary to clarify its privacy policy. Policy privacy includes “terms of service” “source” from information collected, users detail. The liability of publishers are editors is of first priority. But publishers and editors are not bound to the claims of results which users get. Satisfaction is made that the information got is true and authentic.

It is strictly prohibited that if users get unusual results then is not responsible for any claim or allegation. No one can put allegation on the publisher or editor.

When users comment or make complains then their personal information is revealed to the website but information is always made secret as it is included in terms of service website cannot reveal the information of user without any serious issue which is related to the privacy policy or disclaimer of the website.

Privacy Policy Modifications

This clause is made to tell you that we are responsible to inform you about any major modifications. But if there is any minor modification, we may not be able to inform you as it is of less importance. If you are not agreeing to share your desires you may walk away from the website.

Information We Collect

In this clause, it is stated the privacy of information gathered from different sources. Information may be about the user, product or gathering system. That sources are listed below

  1. From Unregistered Website Visitors

In this section, it is mentioned that any new visitor to the website is not allowed to have access to all the information. To get the access they have to pay cookies according to our cookies policy privacy.

  1. From Registered Visitors

Registered visitors may request to figure out records together with calls, email, address or zip code. We always give priority to your consent to every dealing. We use your personal information with your consent. You can request the product without any difficulty as you are registered visitors.

  1. From Outside Sources

We also collect information of registered visitors from outside sources to verify the identity and to check the requirements.

Other Information

In this section we include different type of information related to tools, content of knowledge and research. It is checked that whether a supplement is made after study or not. It is checked that which type of content is used on the website.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

Our website uses cookies to deliver information or to store information. We use third party adds on US Health Market website to advertise their ads. It uses Internet beacons to promote information including your IP deal.

Kids Privacy

Our website contains information about weight loss, brain health supplement, skin care product and male enhancer supplements. These all supplements are not applicable for children under 18. Therefore, it is prohibited for the use of kids.

Uses and Disclosures facts

We can use your personal information with third party for our wellness of website and we can record your information upon our database.

You can read our articles, but yo cannot use our given content. You cannot reuse or modify it in any case. But we will happy with your suggestions of change by comment or mail.

Aggregated Data

We make a aggregate of the customers information and share them with the third party to make a better plan.

Marketing and Advertising

We advertise our web page on other websites and we advertise other links on our website using cookies and beacons. Thus we run a marketing procedure by making sure that the links contains useful and authentic content.

Third Party

In this clause it is mentioned that what third party contains? Third party means the other companies to which data is shared and the workers who work for us. The companies whose links we advertise on website and check their content and legal information. Research about data content is keep on check and balance.

Protection Information

The website makes sure that information is protected. Protected information may be of a supplement of a user. We follow Legal Requirements and legal necessities.

General Policies

This clause includes your confidentiality and safety strategies. Username and passwords are required to log in and users are responsible to preserve password.


Employees are required to keep the information secret. They are bound to preserve every bit of information to themselves. They are duty bound.

Use of your Information Outside of the EEA

As we are able to make record, store, or gather information about the use of services in Eu financial location. This is the step to do a legal business. With the consent to this mission, you can use terms of services and others.

Privacy Questions and Concerns

For any query or complain make contact to our website. Contact information is provided on the website in other section.